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Billings car accident sends 3 kids to hospital

Of the many different types of car accidents, the rear-end collision is one of the most common. It is also one of the most dangerous in terms of the potential for injury. Many victims of rear-end collisions suffer serious soft tissue injuries, which can lead to years of pain and disability. Such a car accident occurred in downtown Billings recently. In this case, all three victims were children.

Doctor error leads to $15.2 million damage award

Montana parents often rely on physicians for advice on what medications to give their children. But in a heartbreaking story out of Washington State, a mother who followed a physician's advice in giving an over-the-counter cold medication saw her four-year-old child go into cardiac arrest and suffer a devastating brain injury. The little girl, now eight years old, cannot walk, speak or swallow. Earlier this month a Washington judge awarded the parents $15.2 million in what is believed to be one of the largest medical malpractice recoveries in that state's history.

Montana car accident in construction zone injures four

A collision that results when one vehicle crosses the centerline of a highway is one of the deadliest types of motor vehicle accidents. One such accident took place on I-90 near Alberton, Montana recently. The occupants of the three vehicles involved were fortunate in a sense; they all survived. But four of them suffered serious injury and had to be transported to local hospitals.

Motorcyclist, driver injured in Billings head-on collision

When a motorcycle and a passenger car collide the motorcyclist is generally more at risk for serious injury. But the driver of the car doesn't always escape being injured. Recently a violent head-on-collision between a motorcycle and a car in Billings injured both the both the motorcyclist and the car's driver.

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