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A Scary Week On Montana Highways

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  • Published: July 1, 2020

Billings, with a population over 100,000 people, is the most populous city in Montana. Unfortunately, this means are roads can be more dangerous than our less densely populated neighbors. But, this does not mean that streets outside Billings lack much of the same risks, particularly regarding the possible negligence of our fellow drivers. In fact, we recently saw a very unfortunate week of fatal car accidents across the state.

Over the weekend, there were fatal crashes locally in Yellowstone County and Big Horn County last Saturday Night. Then, another two additional were reported Monday, one in the early morning of Yellowstone County and another a bit later in Jefferson. A Missoula motorcyclist died in Mineral County Friday night on I-90. A 20-year-old man apparently drove his vehicle into a home, causing the death of a person inside. Yet another died in Ravalli County after a deadly collision with a motorhome.

While we may feel like we are a bit safer here, these car accidents show that cars and trucks can still pose a danger to us. Thankfully, victims of car accidents have options. Any damages or injuries that resulted from another’s reckless or negligent driving are the responsibility of that driver and victims can sue in a personal injury lawsuit to obtain much needed compensation.

While this lawsuit will not erase the pain of any injuries victims and their families are working through, it can help the accident victims and their families get back to normal. Getting the vehicle fixed, having doctor’s bills paid, and more will help drivers, their passengers, and their families recover. Unfortunately, vindicating one’s rights is seldom easy, and so contacting a professional as soon as possible will help ensure that the victims recover what they are owed.

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