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July 2015 Archives

When is a Montana doctor/hospital liable for birth injuries?

It has been estimated that one in 200 infants suffers some form of injury during birth. For new Montana parents, learning that their child has suffered a serious birth injury is extremely distressing. The knowledge that their baby may have lifelong medical complications, and may never be able to fully participate in life's activities, can be emotionally traumatizing. When parents suspect the birth injury may have been caused by medical malpractice, they have a right to seek answers.

Cerebral palsy can be caused by Montana medical malpractice

Montana parents of children with severe disabilities know how challenging it can be to provide the care and support their child needs. If the disability is the result of a birth injury, they may wonder if the injury was preventable. In some cases, birth injuries are the result of doctor error or hospital negligence during the delivery process. When this occurs, the parents have the right to bring a medical malpractice claim and recover compensation.

Montana car accident leaves 6 injured

Montana car accidents can be a momentary lapse in judgement in an otherwise spotless driving record. It can happen quickly when changing the radio, being distracted by your kids or by driving too fast for road conditions. These accidents are a little easier to justify because there is really no malicious intent on behalf of the driver. The other type of accidents, like drunk driving accidents, are tougher to understand.

Traumatic brain injuries can require extensive rehabilitation

In our post last week we talked about some of the emergency care, medications and surgery that can be required to treat a traumatic brain injury. Once the brain injury patient is out of danger, long-term care begins. For most victims of serious traumatic brain injury, this means extensive and perhaps lifelong rehabilitation.

What are some treatments for traumatic brain injury?

Montana residents who have suffered a serious brain injury know that the road to recovery can be long and expensive. Health insurance is often insufficient to fully cover the medical expenses. When a traumatic brain injury is the result of another party's fault in an accident, it is essential to obtain sufficient compensation to cover these costs.

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