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April 2017 Archives

Montana construction worker injured while working in a trench

Construction work is an important industry in Montana. However, construction workers, whether they are erecting a building or fixing a road, face dangers every day on the job. In fact, one construction worker in Helena was recently seriously injured in a workplace accident.

The ins and outs of workers' compensation benefits

Being injured at work is a scary thought. Not only is a work accident a serious event, employees in Montana often wonder how badly this event will impact them and whether it will hinder the ability to continue working. An injured worker could endure pain and suffering, even suffering debilitating injuries. This could severely affect a worker's life, causing them to question how their medical bills will be paid and how any lost wages could be recovered.

Standing up to truck companies in Montana

Everyone in Montana must practice defensive driving, but this is especially true for drivers of semi-trucks. A truck's sheer size and weight can cause significantly more damage if they are involved in a wreck. Moreover, some semi-trucks carry hazardous materials, which could be dangerous if they spill on the roadway due to a crash.

Helping you protect your rights following a brain injury

Being involved in a serous accident can alter a person's life in an instant. When an accident victim suffers a severe injury, such as a head trauma, that person could suffer short and long-term affects. A traumatic brain injury could result in a lifetime of pain and suffering and ongoing medical treatments. Such a situation is emotional and challenging for victims and their loved ones.

Are all Montana employees entitled to workers' compensation?

In general, under Montana's Workers' Compensation Act, employers are required to provide employees with workers' compensation benefits if the employee meets the requirements for benefits. However, while any employer can elect to provide employees with workers' compensation benefits there are numerous exceptions under Montana law in which they are not required to do so.

What are the different types of brain injuries?

Suffering a head trauma in a serious accident is likely a life-altering event for residents in Montana and elsewhere. Many brain injuries have long-term effects, impacting a victim in a wide range of ways. In some cases, a brain injury could be so debilitating that the victims are unable to work or enjoy their quality of life. In other situations, a brain injury could only have short-term effects, causing the victim to endure symptoms for a year or less.

New campaign addresses car accidents caused by driver fatigue

Some people in Montana may think that they can combat driver fatigue with a cup of coffee or an energy drink, rolling down the window for some fresh, cool air or turning up the volume on the radio. However, none of these acts can compensate for the fact that if a person is overtired, he or she should not be behind the wheel of the car. Driver fatigue is responsible for many accidents every year. Therefore, this spring heralded a new public service campaign by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration warning drivers about the dangers of drowsy driving. The campaign advocates for stricter laws, more road signs and an increase in educational efforts and public service announcements in order to combat driver fatigue.

Important facts about head-on collisions

Even though motorists are educated and trained to drive safely and added technology in vehicles is supposed to make traveling in motor vehicles safer, this doesn't save travelers in Montana and elsewhere from negligent drivers. While our awareness of safety concerns is heightened, this doesn't stop drivers from engaging in distracting activities while driving, driving while fatigued or even drunk driving. Such actions make it difficult to drive and could be the cause of a car colliding head on with an unsuspecting motorist.

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