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Yellowstone County leads state in speed-related deaths

If you are like a lot of people in Montana, you are concerned about your safety and the safety of those you love when you are on the road. This concern is not without good cause because it seems that despite many advances in vehicle safety, too many other drivers continue to ignore safety and instead make reckless choices. These choices include driving after consuming alcohol and exceeding the posted speed limits. 

Why are U.S. maternal mortality rates on the rise?

As you prepare to give birth in Montana, you may find yourself concerned with matters such as whether you will be a good mother and whether you will get enough sleep in the aftermath of childbirth. Chances are, you might not feel too concerned with whether your own life will be at stake during your labor or delivery, although, regrettably, maternal mortality rates are on the rise across the nation.

Choosing the right bicycle helps promote safety

Bicycle riding is a great way to exercise the body, but since bike riders share the road with automobiles, proper safety should be exercised to prevent injury or even death. One of the ways you can make yourself safer as a cyclist is to make sure you have the right bicycle to start with. So before you purchase a bike, take into account several different factors that let you know whether you have found the right bicycle to ride on a Montana landscape.

In a car accident in Billings? Get medical help immediately

Here in Billings and the areas that surround it, car accidents happen regularly. It doesn't help matters that, as we've noted here before, everyone seems to drive distracted on these roads. Even if you or the driver of your vehicle are not distracted, you cannot safely assume everyone else is equally alert and focused on the road.

Auto accidents and relationships

The consequences of an auto accident can shatter someone’s life in many different ways, whether they lose the ability to walk or face financial problems because of hospital expenses. There are all sorts of other challenges that may arise in the wake of a motor vehicle collision, however, some of which receive less attention. For example, auto accident victims sometimes find that their personal relationships suffer as a result of the collision, a topic that we will take a closer look at in this post.

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