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Truck accidents: Financial recovery is often possible

If you're traveling on a Montana highway, it pays to be as cautious and alert as possible, especially when you're sharing the road with a lot of other vehicles. All drivers are legally obligated to adhere to all traffic laws and safety regulations. The problem is that you have no guarantee that every other nearby motorist is going to comply. Car or truck accidents often occur suddenly, leaving little to no time to safely react to avoid collision. 

Car accidents: Grief may be intensified during the holidays

Nothing can prepare the average Montana family for learning that a loved one has suffered fatal injuries in a collision. There are typically more car accidents during holiday seasons for various reasons. In addition to there being more cars on the road, there also tends to be more drunk drivers, which places all travelers nearby at great risk.

More car accidents in Montana during winter

As in other states across the country that typically experience wintry road conditions this time of year, Montana motorists and travelers must be especially cautious when they head out on the highways. It is no secret that there are usually more car accidents in inclement weather than there are when the sun is brightly shining and roadways are dry. Driver negligence is often listed as a causal factor when motorists fail to reach their travel destinations because of collisions.

Car accidents involving pedestrians are often fatal

A Montana college student was walking along a roadway in the wee hours of a Sunday morning. The events that unfolded resulted in tragedy. The driver of a pickup truck struck the pedestrian. Car accidents involving pedestrians often end in fatality, as this incident did.

Study reports on leading causes of bicycle accidents

Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board released a study that focused on how to increase the safety of bicyclists. According to the report, the leading cause of bicycle accidents is motor vehicles overtaking those on bicycles. With the increased awareness to reduce harm to the environment and the desire to find enjoyable exercise, more and more Montana residents are taking up bicycle riding when possible.

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