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Medical negligence -- a problem Montana shouldn't have

When you or your loved one is admitted to a Montana hospital for care, it's often difficult to predict what the ultimate outcome will be. It is reasonable, however, for you to expect that the licensed health care workers who are tasked with providing care will do so in accordance with state laws and acceptable standards of care. You should not have to worry about medical negligence. In reality, though, it often happens, causing severe injuries and, and in some cases, death to patients.

Parents in another state filed medical negligence claim

When a woman gives birth in a Montana hospital or medical facility in another state, she has the right to reasonably expect that the attending medical team will adhere to state laws governing the industry and will provide high-quality care according to accepted protocol and safety standards. If a doctor, nurse, technician or other licensed medical worker fails in his or her fiduciary duty, resulting in a birth injury, the parents of the child may seek justice on behalf of their son or daughter. To do so, they can file a medical negligence claim in a civil court.

Jury says surgeon and hospital are guilty of medical negligence

When a medical patient in Montana or elsewhere undergoes surgery, he or she entrusts his or her medical well-being to a team of skilled professionals, including a surgeon (or surgeons), nurses, surgical technicians and others. Especially if the procedure in question involves the patient being fully unconscious at the time, he or she is unaware of what is happening in the operating room during the surgery. If medical negligence occurs, it is often only later, during recovery, that a patient will become aware of it.

Are car accidents more likely to cause injuries to men or women?

A motor vehicle accident can change a person's life in an instant. One second a Montana driver may be heading to the store or going to work, and the next moment that person may be left with pain and debilitating injuries. While anyone is susceptible to injuries in a crash, there is some reason to believe that certain people are more likely to experience injuries than others in car accidents.

Car accidents: Montana community grieves local celebrity's death

In Montana and across the country, many people enjoy listening to the radio. It is not uncommon for disc jockeys to obtain celebrity status in their communities or nationwide. When car accidents occur involving local celebrities, it often sends a ripple of grief throughout an entire region. Sadly, that is exactly what happened following a recent collision that involved a well-known 63-year-old musician and radio DJ in Missoula.

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