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Commercial truck and bus accident leaves three critically injured

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Auto accidents leave plenty of pieces to pick up, but when they involve multiple vehicles with drivers that are on the clock, things like insurance or fault get sticky. 

The head-on crash the Daily Voice reported shows that many moving parts raise several questions when determining fault or future compensation. 

Head-on hits between two heavy vehicles

A tree service truck heading westbound crossed the double-yellow line and collided with a school bus. Though authorities do not know what caused the line crossing, they arrived on the scene to extricate three people from the wreckage: both drivers and a female elementary student sitting behind the bus driver. 

Each are in critical condition, though the girl is stable. 

Seven other students, able to walk away from the accident, left to their parents after medical professionals treated and released them 

Determining truth and justice

Each person involved has a long road ahead of them — from the recovery for each critically injured person to the potential trauma each of the other students may feel after. The paperwork involved in accidents like this has to cover every party and each organization attached to it. 

Insurance companies work hard to avoid paying out anything they do not have to and it may be up to investigators to ask the right questions. What caused the tree service truck’s swerve? If it is that driver’s fault, does his or her company insurance cover the accident or does it default to their personal insurance? What can each parent do about their child’s involvement in this situation? Making sure that each party involved has the right resources and consultation is key to navigating a complex situation like this. 


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