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Study reports on leading causes of bicycle accidents

Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board released a study that focused on how to increase the safety of bicyclists. According to the report, the leading cause of bicycle accidents is motor vehicles overtaking those on bicycles. With the increased awareness to reduce harm to the environment and the desire to find enjoyable exercise, more and more Montana residents are taking up bicycle riding when possible.

Bicycle accidents and brain injuries

Bicyclists who are struck by vehicles may suffer a number of injuries in the wreck, such as a broken neck or deep lacerations. However, brain injuries are especially common and concerning for various reasons. For one, these injuries can be tough to detect, since symptoms may not appear until later on. Second, these injuries can completely derail a person's life, leaving them mentally incapacitated and unable to take care of themselves. Even when people can continue on with their lives, the damage they have sustained may affect their personality, their relationships and many other facets of their lives.

Are drivers always to blame for bike accidents?

Bike accidents in Montana sometimes result in major medical bills and other types of losses: all things that you would probably not want to pay for if you had a choice. A lawsuit might help you recover some of the damages you suffered, but that is not truly the purpose of the legal system.

Choosing the right bicycle helps promote safety

Bicycle riding is a great way to exercise the body, but since bike riders share the road with automobiles, proper safety should be exercised to prevent injury or even death. One of the ways you can make yourself safer as a cyclist is to make sure you have the right bicycle to start with. So before you purchase a bike, take into account several different factors that let you know whether you have found the right bicycle to ride on a Montana landscape.

Tips to help bicyclists stay safer on the roads

Riding bicycles is a fantastic way to get some exercise, experience the outdoors in a new way, save gas and reduce pollution. Bicyclists in Montana need to take additional precautions when they ride on roads that they share with automobiles. When cyclists collide with a car, the results can be devastating from traumatic head injuries to broken bones and death.

How can you protect your family on a biking adventure?

Montana in the summer brings out the biker in all of us. There is hardly a better way to take in the gorgeous landscape than perched atop a bicycle on the back roads of this beautiful state. As you and your family prepare for your outdoor adventure, the Montana Department of Transportation has some tips for staying safe.

What to do in the aftermath of a bike accident

Even the most careful bicyclists can find themselves in trouble when something unexpected happens, and in a bicycle-friendly state such as Montana, bike accidents are an unfortunate, but regular reality. The steps you take immediately following a bike crash can have a tremendous impact on your wellbeing, and there are certain measures you should always take to reduce your risk of suffering a serious, potentially life-changing injury on your bike. At the Law Firm of Edmiston & Colston, we have seen firsthand the catastrophic injuries that often result from bike crashes, and we have helped many clients who suffered injury because of someone else’s negligence work toward getting back on their feet.

What are 2 common types of bicyclist injuries?

Bicycle riding is a popular and common activity for many Billings area residents. Now that the temperatures are warming up, you can expect to see an increase in bikers in the area. Despite the benefits of riding, there are risks that can result in serious injuries and death for cyclists. According to CNN.com, the number of injured cyclists, especially riders who are over the age of 45 years old is increasing and has steadily done so since 1998. 

What can you do to stay safe when riding your bike?

Whether you are new to Big Sky Country or have grown up cycling Montana's hills, you know bicycles are an everyday part of life in this beautiful state. In fact, they are so much a part of life the law recognizes them as vehicles, meaning they get the same attention as every other car and truck on the highway. It also means riders equate to drivers and must follow the same rules of the road that other motorists follow.

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