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Medical negligence: Important information about autopsies

When a loved one enters a Montana hospital for medical examination or treatment, it can be logically assumed that the entire medical team will act in accordance with state laws and accepted protocol and safety standards of the industry. Sadly, medical negligence is not only problematic in this state but most others as well. When a patient dies, family members may have many unanswered questions, which often leads to a request for an autopsy.

Medical negligence -- a problem Montana shouldn't have

When you or your loved one is admitted to a Montana hospital for care, it's often difficult to predict what the ultimate outcome will be. It is reasonable, however, for you to expect that the licensed health care workers who are tasked with providing care will do so in accordance with state laws and acceptable standards of care. You should not have to worry about medical negligence. In reality, though, it often happens, causing severe injuries and, and in some cases, death to patients.

Parents in another state filed medical negligence claim

When a woman gives birth in a Montana hospital or medical facility in another state, she has the right to reasonably expect that the attending medical team will adhere to state laws governing the industry and will provide high-quality care according to accepted protocol and safety standards. If a doctor, nurse, technician or other licensed medical worker fails in his or her fiduciary duty, resulting in a birth injury, the parents of the child may seek justice on behalf of their son or daughter. To do so, they can file a medical negligence claim in a civil court.

Jury says surgeon and hospital are guilty of medical negligence

When a medical patient in Montana or elsewhere undergoes surgery, he or she entrusts his or her medical well-being to a team of skilled professionals, including a surgeon (or surgeons), nurses, surgical technicians and others. Especially if the procedure in question involves the patient being fully unconscious at the time, he or she is unaware of what is happening in the operating room during the surgery. If medical negligence occurs, it is often only later, during recovery, that a patient will become aware of it.

How big of a problem is medical negligence in Montana?

Before 2019 ends, many Montana residents will find themselves in need of medical care. Many situations will be categorized as emergencies. Others will be a lot less urgent. Either way, every patient has a right to expect the highest quality care, and certainly should not have to worry about medical negligence.

Medical negligence: Something that should never occur, but does

When you visit a Montana physician's office or go to a hospital, either seeking medical diagnosis or treatment, a series of events typically unfolds that involves a team of licensed professionals. You may interact with numerous staff members, from a front desk receptionist to nurses, doctors or even lab technicians. In each instance, you have the right to reasonably expect that the health care provider will act in accordance with state laws and accepted safety standards of the industry. Sadly, medical negligence often causes personal injury to patients.

Medical negligence: Is it connected to worker fatigue?

In Montana and throughout the United States, many people reside full-time in nursing homes. A majority of residents are elderly, while some have perhaps never fully recovered from car accident injuries or other adverse health situations, thus prompting a need for assisted-living care. Regardless of exact events that lead a person to transition to nursing home residence, every patient currently residing in such facilities deserves high quality care. In short, there is no excuse for medical negligence.

A strong doctor-patient relationship builds trust

When people are looking for a new doctor in Montana, they often spend considerable time looking at their options and visiting with potential health care providers. They may peruse reviews online to get an idea of how past and current patients feel about the medical attention they received. However, guaranteeing qualified and reliable health care does not stop there. Patients must make an active effort to protect their own safety by doing their part to form a strong relationship with their doctor.

About 20% of serious medical conditions misdiagnosed

When you visit your Montana doctor and that physician diagnoses you with a serious medical condition, it may serve you well to seek a second opinion before panicking. At Edmiston & Colton Law Firm, we have seen firsthand the hardships and complications that can arise when patients receive inaccurate or incomplete medical diagnoses, and we have helped many people whose conditions worsened due to medical misdiagnosis pursue legal solutions that meet their needs.

Surgical errors and the human factor

Montana residents of all ages and stages of health might end up facing the need for a surgery for a variety of reasons. Whether part of a treatment regimen for a disease, reconstruction after an accident, the choice for personal reasons or something else, patients need to trust in the care of their surgical teams. The reality always remains, however, that errors can and do happen during surgeries. In some cases, these errors leave patients with long-term complications. Other patients die due to surgical errors.

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