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Biking Should Be Safe

Bicyclists established in the lane of travel have the right of way — at least on paper. But car culture is still king in Montana, and many drivers at best don’t look for bicyclists, or at worst are actively hostile to their presence on the road. Even in established bike lanes, cyclists aren’t always safe from being crowded, sped past or otherwise endangered by a larger vehicle — often a truck. And when these encounters end in physical impact — it’s the bikers who bear the brunt of the collision, sometimes resulting in death.

Bicycles are not invisible. Drivers have a responsibility to look for them and respect their rights.

A Culture Clash Leading Up To A Crash

Even the most careful biker who wears a helmet and abides by all traffic rules has no chance in the face of the carelessness or inattention of a driver of a larger vehicle. In a crash, bicyclists can suffer catastrophic injuries that require long and painful recovery, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Fractures
  • Back and neck injures

These injuries often require lengthy and expensive treatments, during which time the injured person is not able to go to work. At Edmiston & Colton Law Firm, our committed attorneys can help secure compensation from negligent parties to pay for this costly medical treatment and lost wages stemming from the crash.

At Edmiston & Colton Law Firm, we have supported Ales for Trails — a fundraiser thrown by microbreweries to raise money for bike trails. We also have a banner that says “Don’t be rude, don’t get sued — Share the road with bicycles.”

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