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Cataract Surgery Patients Sue Clinic For Medical Malpractice

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  • Published: December 31, 2013

Some Montana readers may have undergone surgery to remove a cataract on their eye, or they may have a relative who has had the procedure. Cataract surgery is considered a routine procedure and has a reputation for being safe. Yet six patients who had the surgery on an outpatient basis at a Florida clinic are claiming it resulted in partial or total loss of their sight.

The six patients have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the clinic and the doctor who performed the surgeries. They all had cataract surgery at the same clinic on different dates. They now allege that following the surgery, they suffered loss of sight and TASS-a syndrome that results in corneal swelling. Some of the patients have been told they may now need corneal transplants.

One of the patients says she suffered intense pain when she returned home from the outpatient procedure. Now she says she has lost her sight. The doctor has allegedly told her that there was a problem with an antibiotic solution that was used to irrigate her eyes. Yet the surgery reports for the six patients make no mention of a problem with the antibiotic.

In Montana, when a surgical procedure results in a worsened medical condition due to the doctor’s negligence, the patient has the right to sue the doctor and recover compensation. In surgical error cases, the doctor will be liable if the jury finds he or she did not meet the accepted standard of care in their specialty. An attorney with experience in medical professional negligence cases can help the patient determine whether they have a good case.

Source:, “6 Patients Say Cataract Surgery at Coral Gables Surgery Center Cost Them All or Some of Their Sight,” Diana Gonzalez, Dec. 20, 2013

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