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Double-check Any Trucking Company Settlement Offer

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  • Published: October 12, 2019

While it is unfortunate, fact is that you will probably not find any of the responsible parties leaping out of their seats to fully compensate you for your injuries after a truck accident in Montana. Yes: You may receive offers that seem reasonable at first. You may even receive pressure to accept those offers from family, friends and the parties involved in your incident.

At Edmiston & Colton Law Firm, we understand that the stress surrounding catastrophic truck accident injuries is enormous. It may not be your first or even second thought to fight for maximum possible compensation. You may just want it all to be settled and squared away. Many of our clients feel this way at first, but soon realize that the initial offers with which they were provided would not have completely covered their losses.

When it comes to fighting for the compensation people owe you, it is the first step that is often the hardest. After our clients make the initial commitment to make their lives as whole as possible again, we are often able to handle many of the stressful and confusing details on their behalf. We also maintain constant communication so that we are always able to provide updates and advice on pressing matters in every case.

If there is any doubt that all about what might happen if you sign a document, accept support or take another action related to a truck accident, it is important to clear that doubt immediately. Trucking companies are often large, powerful entities with the support of even more powerful insurance companies. Please continue on to our main website to read more about this challenging situation.

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