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Fourth Of July Fireworks And Auto Crashes

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  • Published: July 6, 2018

During the Fourth of July, many people celebrate the holiday by lighting fireworks or attending a large display. While these celebrations can be a lot of fun, they may also increase the likelihood of an auto collision in different ways. For example, someone may be distracted by the fireworks or attempts to look for a parking space, causing them to drive in front of oncoming traffic or collide with a vehicle in front of them. Moreover, these celebrations can lead to alcohol intoxication, which is dangerous for anyone who gets behind the wheel, and traffic congestion as well.

Drunk drivers are especially concerning during July Fourth and have caused many fatal accidents over the years. Many people enjoy watching firework displays while enjoying a drink or two, but some make the poor decision to drive around even though their blood alcohol content level has surpassed the legal limit. Alcohol is not the only reason why crashes happen during this holiday, either. In many cities, firework displays can make the roads chaotic before, during and after the fireworks. It is important to be particularly vigilant if you plan on attending a firework display.

Sadly, the negligence of some drivers claims lives and leaves many victims with injuries each year. If a reckless driver shattered your holiday celebrations and caused an accident that left you with unbearable challenges, you may want to look into legal action.

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