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Health Conditions Doctors Commonly Misdiagnose

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  • Published: March 27, 2018

When you visit your Montana doctor, you probably have faith that the things he or she tells you about your condition are accurate and true. Regrettably, however, doctors are not immune to error, and some medical conditions are misdiagnosed at far higher rates than others. At the Law Firm of Edmiston & Colston, we understand the hardships that arise when patients receive the wrong diagnosis, or a delayed diagnosis, and we have helped many who suffered because of physician errors seek appropriate recourse.

Per Fox News, about one in 20 adults who receive outpatient care receive either a late or incorrect diagnosis about their condition, or they receive no diagnosis whatsoever, despite exhibiting key signs of a certain condition. Furthermore, misdiagnoses are to blame for about 10 percent of all patient fatalities, further spotlighting the problem and a need for a solution. Just what types of conditions are commonly misdiagnosed?

If you are exhibiting signs of breast, colorectal or lung cancer, know that these three types have ties to delayed diagnostic errors. Often, your best chance of a full recovery when battling cancer lies in an early diagnosis, so if your physician fails to diagnose your cancer in a timely manner, your health may suffer considerably.

Physicians also have a history of misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose strokes in a timely manner. In fact, one study suggests that doctors are late to diagnose strokes in almost 10 percent of all cases. Heart attacks, too, are commonly misdiagnosed, and this is likely due in part to the fact that people often exhibit different symptoms when suffering them. More about medical negligence is available on our web page.

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