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Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable And Protecting Victims

  • On Behalf Of Colton Holm
  • Published: April 7, 2020

Drunk driving accidents can unexpectedly change the lives of victims forever. Because of the devastation a drunk driving accident can cause, victims and their families have important legal rights and protections available to them.

Drunk drivers who cause an injury accident or fatal accident may face criminal penalties and liability but may also face civil liability as well through a personal injury claim for damages. Driving while impaired is considered negligence and a drunk driving charge may be considered evidence of negligence in a personal injury claim for damages. A drunk driver may be liable in a personal injury claim for damages or a wrongful death claim for damages following a fatal drunk driving accident.

When a victim brings a personal injury claim for damages for help with their physical, financial and emotional damages, they will have to demonstrate that the drunk driver was intoxicated while driving and that their intoxication level was too high to safely operate a motor vehicle. The victim will also have to demonstrate that the drunk driver failed to exercise reasonable care for the safety of the public. Evidence can include criminal charges the accused individual is facing, police and witness reports and expert opinions.

A personal injury claim for damages can hold a drunk driver accountable for the harm they carelessly caused and help the victim recover compensation for their damages following a drunk driving accident. It is important for victims of drunk drivers to understand how legal remedies can help them through the aftermath of a drunk driving accident.

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