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Medical Negligence — A Problem Montana Shouldn’t Have

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  • Published: January 28, 2020

When you or your loved one is admitted to a Montana hospital for care, it’s often difficult to predict what the ultimate outcome will be. It is reasonable, however, for you to expect that the licensed health care workers who are tasked with providing care will do so in accordance with state laws and acceptable standards of care. You should not have to worry about medical negligence. In reality, though, it often happens, causing severe injuries and, and in some cases, death to patients.

Injuries caused by surgical errors, for instance, may prompt a need for additional surgery or long-term living assistance if the injuries in question caused permanent disability to the patient. If a surgeon fails to remove a surgical instrument from the body of a patient or operates on the wrong body part, it can have disastrous results. On occasion, a surgical team has even operated on the wrong patient.

In many health care situations, patients often receive medication to help alleviate pain or to help treat infection. If a nurse makes a mistake in dosage or administers medicine to the wrong person, it can have life-threatening consequences. This is why it is a good idea for patients to try to be proactive as they can regarding their own care and treatment programs.

It is not the fault of a patient if a Montana doctor, nurse, physician assistant or lab technician commits medical negligence. In fact, an injured victim may have grounds to file a claim in civil court for monetary damages against the person or people believed responsible for his or her injuries. Edmiston & Colton Law Firm is committed to helping patients and their families present their cases in court. Experienced legal support is often a key factor toward obtaining the maximum compensation available in a specific set of circumstances.

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