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Montana Woman Killed In Semi Truck Accident

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  • Published: May 30, 2013

A collision between a passenger car and a semi truck can have dire results for the occupants of the car. A tractor trailer can crush the average automobile in a wreck. In addition, when a semi truck is involved in an accident, the forces involved are so great that the initial collision often triggers a chain reaction involving other vehicles. This appears to be what happened in a violent truck accident that claimed the life of a 21-year-old Montana woman recently.

The crash occurred on a weekday evening on U.S. Highway 83 near the intersection with U.S. Highway 2 near Minot, North Dakota. The woman was driving a 2009 Subaru westbound on 83 when she was rear-ended by a Kenworth semi truck. The Subaru was pushed into collisions with two other semi trucks. The vehicles involved in these initial collisions struck other vehicles in the roadway until a total of eight vehicles were involved.

The Montana woman in the Subaru was killed. Three people in the crash sustained minor injuries; four escaped uninjured.

When a person dies in a semi truck accident their family has the right to bring a wrongful death lawsuit under Montana law. Both the truck driver and the trucking company can be named as defendants in the suit. A lawsuit against a company is more complex than the typical lawsuit arising out of a passenger vehicle accident. A number of state and federal laws govern such things as truck size and weight, as well as maintenance and driver hours. Semi trucks are subject to mandatory inspections, and their drivers require a special license. An experienced semi truck accident attorney will spend a lot of time investigating the trucker’s license applications, as well as inspection records and trucking logs.

Source: Minot Daily News, “Montana woman killed in crash near Minot,” May 18, 2013

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