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Holding hospitals accountable for medical malpractice

When a Montana resident is the victim of medical malpractice resulting from doctor error, it is sometimes necessary to sue not only the doctor but the hospital where the malpractice occurred. This can be important in cases involving significant damages, because the patient's attorney will want to ensure there is a defendant with sufficient resources to compensate the patient.

Clinic that treated comedienne may have made medical mistakes

About a month ago, Montana residents were shocked to learn that comedienne Joan Rivers died while undergoing a medical procedure. The 81-year-old television personality had undergone a procedure on her throat when she suffered cardiac arrest. Her ensuing death prompted many individuals to question how Rivers' condition could have taken such a dramatically tragic turn.

Medical malpractice suit alleges failure to diagnose cancer

Montana residents rely on their doctors to properly diagnose their ailments and prescribe care based on that diagnosis. A misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose a serious disease can result in delayed treatment and a worsened medical condition. An Ohio woman claims this is what happened to her, and she recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging doctors failed to diagnose cancer in time.

Parents claim medical malpractice led to cerebral palsy

One of the greatest challenges Montana parents can face is the birth of a child with severe disabilities. When the disabilities are the result of medical malpractice, the parents' emotional suffering is compounded by the knowledge that the birth injuries were preventable. In Oregon recently, three separate families have sued a single hospital, all alleging that negligence in the delivery room led to lifelong disabilities for their children.

Botched tummy tuck leads to large medical malpractice award

Most Montana residents place great trust in their doctors, and for good reason. When we are seriously injured or facing a life-threatening illness, the skill of our physicians is often the only thing standing between us and a premature demise. When doctors make mistakes in these cases, the results can be devastating. Sadly, sometimes great harm is done by doctor error even when the procedure in question is routine or cosmetic.

Jury concludes cardiologist committed malpractice

Even the best doctors can make mistakes. Montana readers may be interested in a recent jury verdict that illustrates that point. The jury concluded that medical negligence by a prominent cardiologist led to the death of a 59-year-old woman after her surgery. Specifically, the jury found the doctor failed to adequately monitor a medication given to the woman following the surgery.

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