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Have you been contacted by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) about a pollution plume that goes under your house? Perhaps you found out about the pollution of your land from a neighbor who has the same problem. The bottom line is that your land has been devalued and cleaning up the pollution is not going to be cheap.

The state is inconsistent about how it enforces cleanup. In order to set things right, you are going to have to enter into an extremely complex and challenging process. At Edmiston & Colton Law Firm, our lawyers are experienced with that process. We can help you through it.

What Caused The Pollution?

While pollution could come from anywhere, there are two common sources: the railroad industry and the oil industry.

The Burlington Northern Railroad used a specific solvent to clean locomotives for years. Wherever a locomotive was cleaned, the solvent entered the ground. Excess was taken to nearby landfills. Now it is leaking into the aquifer and causing pollution plumes. Similar problems have been created by leaking oil tanks and pipelines.

An Unwelcome Surprise

These cases are referred to as trespass cases. Even if the trespass, and the source of the pollution, was an event that happened decades ago, you still have the opportunity to pursue action, thanks to Montana’s statute of limitations and environmental laws. However, finding an entity against whom to take action and seek compensation can be challenging.

Our attorneys are skilled at finding sources of compensation. The oil companies and railroads that were the main perpetrators are still around in some form. We will find the company, if it exists, or capture an old insurance policy that can provide compensation. Our goal is to obtain money for cleanup, for devaluation and for loss of use of the land. We have an impressive record of achieving that goal.

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