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Prescription Medication And Delivery Truck Crashes

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  • Published: May 25, 2019

Truck accidents have a myriad of causes and every crash is unique. For example, a semi-truck driver may cause a collision due to fatigue after driving for too long, or a delivery truck driver may be responsible for an accident because they do not have very much experience and are not used to operating such a large vehicle. Prescription medication is another risk factor to consider when it comes to delivery truck accidents, and people take prescription drugs for many different reasons. Unfortunately, those whose driving ability is adversely impacted by prescription medication may cause an accident that leaves innocent people injured or claims lives.

Some people are addicted to prescription medication, such as those who abuse prescription pain medication. Others may be prescribed medication for any number of health challenges they are facing, from allergies or a tooth infection and anxiety, insomnia or some other issue. Unfortunately, prescription medication can make drivers become drowsy and intoxicated, which can significantly affect their ability to drive safely. Some delivery truck drivers may not be very familiar with the effects of a particular drug they recently started taking, which could heighten the probability of an accident.

Unfortunately, when someone is operating a large vehicle such as a delivery truck, drowsiness and other side effects of prescription medication can be particularly dangerous. If you were struck by a delivery truck driver who was taking a prescription drug that may have impacted their ability to drive, this should be taken into consideration if you file a lawsuit.

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