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Protecting Workers’ Compensation Rights Of Oil Field Workers

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  • Published: March 8, 2016

The oil industry holds an important place in our economy and way of life. It is also an industry where many Montana residents rely on for employment. While working in an oil field can provide a great source of income, it is also a job that entails many risks and dangers. In addition, because the oil industry is dangerous, many steps are taken on the state and federal level to ensure the safety of workers. Unfortunately, minor safety issues could occur, generating serious health and safety problems.

Being injured in a workplace accident could severely affect the life of a worker as well as his or her family. The injury does not only prevent the employee from working, but it also causes them to suffer pain, incur medical expenses and even endure lost wages. The physical, mental and financial hardship can be overwhelming. Therefore, seeking workers’ compensation benefits is often the best step to take.

The moments following a workplace accident, making it difficult for an injured worker to determine what steps are necessary to take. At the law Firm of Edmiston & Colton, our experienced legal team is devoted to helping injured workers in the Billings area navigate workers’ comp claims.

Our law firm understands the hardships a disabling workplace injury can bring to an individual and family. As a result, we take the time to ensure our clients obtain the benefits they are afforded.

Our skilled attorneys have the knowledge required to properly document the incident and collect the necessary medical documents and additional evidence. This will help a worker obtain the compensation they need to cover medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s workers’ compensation website. While the oil industry is paramount for our nation, it cannot maintain its place without its workers. And, these workers must be kept safe and protected.

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