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Teen Participating In Viral Challenge Causes Car Crash

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  • Published: January 13, 2019

Many activities “go viral” because of their entertainment appeal, especially for the younger crowd. Some of these events serve a useful purpose, such as taking the ice water challenge to raise awareness and funds for ALS. Others, like the Tide Pod challenge, seem to have no value and can, in fact, be harmful. When those participating in a viral challenge harm people in Montana or elsewhere, there can be legal ramifications.

The latest viral craze to take hold across the country is called the Bird Box Challenge. Named after the successful Netflix film Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock, those who participate in this challenge cover their eyes and go about their daily activities, usually filming their antics. While this has resulted in some entertaining videos on YouTube, CBS News reported on a car crash that resulted when a 17-year-old girl attempted to drive while blindfolded. Reportedly, two vehicles sustained moderate damage, but fortunately nobody was injured.

Spokespeople from the Netflix company issued a request that people don’t put themselves or others in harm’s way by blindfolding themselves and reenacting scenes from the film. Many viral challenges can be harmless and amusing when participants think beforehand how their actions can affect others and take precautions to avoid doing anything unsafe. However, many people, especially youth, participate in popular actions for entertainment’s sake without considering the potential ramifications. This can often result in people getting hurt, including those who are unaware that there are others nearby who are engaging in harmful activities.

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