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Truck Drivers With Multiple Health Concerns May Be More Risky

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  • Published: March 10, 2017

Truck accidents can be costly for victims. A recent study conducted by a state medical school revealed that it is possible that health issues, even minor health issues, can increase a truck driver’s chances of a truck accident when they have 3 or more health-related issues. While the skill and experience of the driver can be factors that contribute to the frequency and occurrence of truck accidents, health concerns can also play a role. Medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and back pain have previously been connected to poor driving performance.

Truck drivers who have 3 or greater medical conditions increase their chances of being involved in a truck accident by 2 to 4 times. When reviewing medical records of 50,000 truck drivers, 34 percent have at least some signs of one of several medical conditions that have been linked to poor driving performance. When then comparing medical histories of truck drivers with incidences of truck accidents, it was revealed that truck drivers with at least 3 of the medical conditions associated with in increased risk of accidents were more likely to have been involved in a truck accident.

Currently, commercial motor vehicle guidelines are in place to remove drivers with certain medical conditions, however, the aggregate of medical conditions, and their impact on the occurrence of accidents, has not been considered. Truck accidents can have catastrophic consequences for victims who may unexpectedly be involved in a truck accident that alters their life forever. As a result, they may need help with the physical, financial and emotional damages they suffer.

It is important for victims of truck accidents, who have been harmed by a negligent truck driver, to be able to consider the options and protections available to them. Resources are available to ensure they receive the care they need and the compensation needed to be able to afford that care and focus on the recovery process when harmed in a truck accident.

Source:, “Study Shows Drivers With Multiple Medical Issues Higher Crash Risk,” Feb. 15, 2017

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