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What Are 2 Common Types Of Bicyclist Injuries?

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  • Published: April 20, 2018

Bicycle riding is a popular and common activity for many Billings area residents. Now that the temperatures are warming up, you can expect to see an increase in bikers in the area. Despite the benefits of riding, there are risks that can result in serious injuries and death for cyclists. According to, the number of injured cyclists, especially riders who are over the age of 45 years old is increasing and has steadily done so since 1998.

Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. They usually occur when unexpected. Whether you plan to drive your vehicle or ride your bike, take some time to learn about two serious injuries that affect bicyclists.

Traumatic brain injuries

Brain injuries are very common in collisions with motor vehicles, though they do occur in incidents without them. The sheer impact of collisions is usually enough to throw victims off their bikes and cause them to end up with trauma to their brains. Brain injuries range from mild to serious and traumatic. Traumatic brain injury symptoms do not always show up immediately. Sometimes, victims experience mood changes, nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivities, headaches and other cognitive changes in the days afterward.

Overexertion Trauma

Overexertion injuries are often the result of muscle strains. Competitive and leisure cyclists are prone to experience soreness, sprains and strains in their muscles, ligaments and tendons. Overexertion is also a factor in some bicycle and motor vehicle accidents.

Not all bicyclists ride for pleasure. Some individuals compete and exercise. The risk of injury is always present. Bicyclists must use helmets and wear appropriate riding gear and use caution near motor vehicles to minimize their risk of injury, emotional trauma and death.

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