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What Could I Do If I Lost My Job After A Car Accident?

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  • Published: November 2, 2018

Your livelihood depends on your ability to perform certain tasks. At the very least, you probably have to be able to make it to work every day. An unexpected accident could put your way of life at risk.

If you are like most people in Montana, an injury could pose a serious risk to your current and future earning capabilities. Fortunately, the law could provide a way for you to decrease the economic burden that a period of disability could put on you and your family.

While a broken limb, back injury or another type of accident-related issue could threaten your immediate livelihood, that might not be the true extent of your problems. Any number of lingering issues — many of which could be predictable, given an adequate medical appraisal — have the potential to cause you to miss future opportunities in your career.

You might think that addressing these injustices is as simple as suing for each loss. However, as explained on FindLaw, it is often important to determine the category of each of the damages you suffered or would conceivably suffer in the future. There are a variety of legal definitions and provisions for these injuries.

Your loss of work might result in damages beyond your medical bills. However, it would probably be important that you make the greatest possible effort to go back to work — even if it were at a different job. This could provide evidence that you are attempting to mitigate your loss: often a crucial factor when determining how much you receive from a personal injury legal decision. Please think of this as educational material. It is not meant to be legal advice.

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