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What Risks Are Associated With Hip Replacement?

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  • Published: December 18, 2017

As you age, your body begins to wear out. Depending on things like activities you’ve done, work habits, genetics and other factors, certain parts of your body may wear quicker than others. One common area is the hips. It is normal for people in Montana to need a hip replacement as they age because this joint has a lot of wear and tear.

If you end up in this situation, your doctor will probably suggest getting hip replacement surgery. The Mayo Clinic explains that while hip replacement is a common surgery, it still has risks. There is a chance your surgeon could also make a mistake during surgery. Risks of this procedure that come with any surgical procedure include bleeding, blood clots and infection. All of these could also be due to a mistake by your doctor or other medical providers.

Issues specific to this surgery include your bone not fusing to the new joint properly, the new joint becoming dislodged and hip fractures. You may also experience one leg being longer than the other due to an error by the doctor or by muscle issues that occur naturally. The type of artificial joint chosen may also cause issues.

You should work closely with your doctor to help avoid complications and issues. Be sure to disclose all your health information and be completely honest. Also, ask plenty of questions to stay informed and learn about the procedure beforehand. This information is intended to educate only and is not to be taken as legal advice.

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