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What Workers’ Comp Benefits Are Offered To Employees In Montana?

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  • Published: May 5, 2017

Unexpected incidents occur in all work industries, and injured workers could suffer a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. In addition, workers might be out of work for some time in order to fully recover from the injuries suffered in the work accident. In these matters, workers’ compensation could be very beneficial for the injured worker.

What workers’ comp benefits are offered to employees in Montana? Workers’ compensation is a program that is designed to provide wage loss and medical benefits for workers who suffered a work-related injury or illness. These benefits are provided without the establishment of fault. These benefits are also designed to help the injured worker return to work as soon as possible, afford workers with access to professional help and provide coverage at a reasonable rate.

In most industries, workers’ compensation insurance is required. When workers are injured, they may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits if they provide notice and submit their claim on time. In order to comply with these requirements, workers must report their injury or illness to their supervisor, insurer or employer as soon as possible. Notice must also be given within 30 days after the occurrence of the accident. This notice must include when and where the accident occurred, detailing the nature of the injury.

A worker must also submit a signed “First Report of Injury” to their employer, workers’ comp insurer or the Department of Labor and Industry. This must be filed within 12 months from the date of the incident. With regards to an occupational disease, this form must be submitted within a year from the date the employee knew or should have known about the condition that was caused by an occupational disease. The condition must also be established by objective medical findings and the worker’s place of employment must be a major contributing cause of the condition

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