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Young Children And Bicycle Accidents

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  • Published: February 8, 2021

Whether you have a young child who enjoys riding a bicycle or you are a young bicyclist yourself, it is important to understand the risks that young bicyclists face on the road. Every year, many young people die while riding a bike and even more sustain significant injuries. It is important to draw attention to these accidents and go over strategies to reduce the likelihood of bicycle collisions.

Sadly, many young bicyclists continue to lose their lives due to drunk drivers, speeding and other examples of reckless driving.

Reviewing Statistics On Accidents Involving Bicyclist’s

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that during 2018, 857 people died in bicycle accidents. Among the bicyclists who died in 2018, 4% were under the age of 15. Moreover, 53 bicyclists between the ages of 15 and 19 died in bike accidents during 2018. With respect to injuries, 5,000 bicyclists under the age of 15 sustained injuries during the same year.

Strategies To Keep Young Bicyclists Safe

There are multiple factors to take into consideration when it comes to the safety of young bicyclists. The NHTSA points out that wearing proper helmets help prevent head injuries. Moreover, bicyclists should wear bright clothing and use reflectors at night in order to help drivers see them. Drivers need to watch out for bikes and obey all traffic safety guidelines. Bicyclists and drivers need to pay attention to particularly dangerous areas, such as intersections and sharp turns. Furthermore, it is very important for parents to discuss safety issues with their kids, such as road safety and risk factors that come with riding a bike.

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