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Research shows lithium may help treat brain injury

As it currently stands, approximately 1.7 million individuals annually will suffer from a traumatic brain injury, making it a leading cause of disabilities and fatalities. One well-known drug, lithium, has been used for decades as a mood stabilizer to treat mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder. However, Montana residents may be interested to hear that recent research out of Rutgers University has shown that lithium may also be beneficial in treating brain injuries.

This research is significant, since currently medications used in treating brain injuries are meant to help alleviate the symptoms of the injury and reduce pain, rather than stopping additional injury. Lithium apparently keeps toxic chemicals, such as glutamate, from accumulating in a person's brain cells. The drug blocks the toxic chemicals from triggering cell death. This, in turn, helps protect neurons in the brain.

The cause of fatal car accidents

The law of physics is typically not on the side of accident victims. When the speed of multiple vehicles is factored in, the violence and damage of a collision is often multiplied. This is often the result of a severe and fatal car accidents. This remains true even if one or more vehicles in the collision were traveling safely and following the rules of the road. It only takes one driver and a mere second of negligence or recklessness to cause a tragic car crash.

Understanding the causes of the catastrophic collisions not only helps deter future crashes, but also assists with the investigation and liability determination of fatal accidents. Based on recent statistics, many good drivers, which means the drivers who played no role or fault in the crash, are killed by negligent drivers each year.

What are some pros and cons to settling a truck accident claim?

Traveling on Montana's highways, whether it is on your daily commute or a vacation road trip, means that sooner or later you will be travelling alongside a semi-truck. This is not always a safe endeavor. A truck driver may be fatigued or improperly trained in handling their vehicle. They may be incentivized by their employer to drive as fast as possible, in order to make more deliveries. They may even be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any of these situations can lead to a catastrophic collision that injures an innocent motorist.

When this happens, the victim of the truck accident may want to file a lawsuit. However, not all lawsuits wind up in court before a judge and jury. Sometimes the parties are able to reach a settlement out-of-court.

Accident investigation continues for two-car crash in Billings

All motorists must follow the rules of the road. Failure to do so, whether it is because of distractions, recklessness or intoxication, could result in a serious or even fatal car crash.

Based on recent reports, an accident investigation is still ongoing following a two-vehicle car accident in Billings. According to police, the accident occurred on Airport Road just before 7:00 a.m. The collision involved a Kia sedan and a Ford pickup truck. Authorities believe that the crash happened when the Kia that had just turned onto Airport Road was hit by the Ford pickup truck, which was going eastbound.

What workers' comp benefits are offered to employees in Montana?

Unexpected incidents occur in all work industries, and injured workers could suffer a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. In addition, workers might be out of work for some time in order to fully recover from the injuries suffered in the work accident. In these matters, workers' compensation could be very beneficial for the injured worker.

What workers' comp benefits are offered to employees in Montana? Workers' compensation is a program that is designed to provide wage loss and medical benefits for workers who suffered a work-related injury or illness. These benefits are provided without the establishment of fault. These benefits are also designed to help the injured worker return to work as soon as possible, afford workers with access to professional help and provide coverage at a reasonable rate.

How long does one have to file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

When a person in Montana is injured due to physician negligence, they may go through a gamut of emotions. They may be frustrated that they are still dealing with a health condition that was made worse due to the physician's error. They may be angry that such a mistake was made in the first place. And, they may be extremely worried about how they are going to cope financially with their medical expenses, lost wages and other monetary damages they suffered due to their physician's negligence.

For all these reasons, a person injured due to a physician's negligence may want to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, they should not wait too long to do so. This is because there is a statute of limitations for medical malpractice lawsuits. A statute of limitations essentially lays out how long a person has to file a lawsuit. Once that time period is up, a person is barred from taking any legal action.

Montana construction worker injured while working in a trench

Construction work is an important industry in Montana. However, construction workers, whether they are erecting a building or fixing a road, face dangers every day on the job. In fact, one construction worker in Helena was recently seriously injured in a workplace accident.

The accident occurred around 9:00 a.m. The worker was in a six to eight foot deep trench when a piece of heavy equipment fell into the trench, hitting him. Firefighters had to construct a rope system along with a safety basket to get the worker out of the trench. The worker was sent to the hospital by ambulance after suffering injuries to his arm and leg in the incident that have been described as serious.

The ins and outs of workers' compensation benefits

Being injured at work is a scary thought. Not only is a work accident a serious event, employees in Montana often wonder how badly this event will impact them and whether it will hinder the ability to continue working. An injured worker could endure pain and suffering, even suffering debilitating injuries. This could severely affect a worker's life, causing them to question how their medical bills will be paid and how any lost wages could be recovered.

One very beneficial resource injured workers have is workers' compensation. This is insurance available for employees in the event that they get injured on-the-job. While many employees are aware of this benefit, many do not know what they need to do in the event of a work accident and what all benefits are available.

Standing up to truck companies in Montana

Everyone in Montana must practice defensive driving, but this is especially true for drivers of semi-trucks. A truck's sheer size and weight can cause significantly more damage if they are involved in a wreck. Moreover, some semi-trucks carry hazardous materials, which could be dangerous if they spill on the roadway due to a crash.

However, truckers do not always drive as responsibly as they should. Oftentimes they are encouraged by their employers to make as many deliveries as possible as quickly as possible. This, in turn, encourages truckers to speed to reach their destinations or drive while fatigued. Any of these situations can lead to a truck accident in which an innocent motorist is injured or killed.

Helping you protect your rights following a brain injury

Being involved in a serous accident can alter a person's life in an instant. When an accident victim suffers a severe injury, such as a head trauma, that person could suffer short and long-term affects. A traumatic brain injury could result in a lifetime of pain and suffering and ongoing medical treatments. Such a situation is emotional and challenging for victims and their loved ones.

While brain injuries can range in severity and type, the reality is that when a person suffers an injury to the brain life will be impacted in some serious ways. Even a mild traumatic brain injury can present difficulties with short-term memory, cognitive issues, headaches, changes in personality and other health problems. At our law firm, we understand the physical, emotional and financial pain that brain injury victims endure. We are dedicated to serving residents in the Billings area, helping them navigate their legal recourses following a brain injury.

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