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3 Common Anesthesia Errors

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  • Published: May 1, 2018

Patients across Montana are placed under anesthesia every day, but when it is happening to you or someone you love, it can be downright scary. Administering anesthesia is an extremely careful process, and if your anesthesiologist does not do it properly, serious repercussions can result. At the Law Firm of Edmiston & Colston, we understand that devastating consequences often accompany anesthesia errors, and we have helped many clients who suffered harm because of anesthesia-related mistakes seek appropriate recourse.

According to Elcam Safety, one of the most common anesthesia-related errors medical professionals make involves incorrect dosing. Dosing errors can result from a number of different circumstances, with inexperience, carelessness and a lack of familiarity with medical equipment all common contributors. Proper training can help reduce dosing errors, and hospital staff can also help combat the problem by encouraging workers to ask questions anytime they are unclear about dosing amounts or practices.

Many anesthesia patients also suffer hardship when their anesthesiologists fail to adequately control the flow of intravenous fluids. The amount of fluid released must be incredibly precise. Too much flow can cause complications such as anxiety, high blood pressure or breathing issues, while too little flow can prevent the anesthesia from working as intended.

Another common anesthesia-related error involves improper pain management in the aftermath of anesthesia. Because hospitals have historically struggled with post-operative pain management techniques and finding effective solutions that reduce opioid-related side effects, medical facilities are increasingly relying on regional anesthesia to reduce instances of nausea, vomiting and related complications. More about medical errors and medical negligence is available on our web page.

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