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A Strong Doctor-patient Relationship Builds Trust

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  • Published: September 28, 2019

When people are looking for a new doctor in Montana, they often spend considerable time looking at their options and visiting with potential health care providers. They may peruse reviews online to get an idea of how past and current patients feel about the medical attention they received. However, guaranteeing qualified and reliable health care does not stop there. Patients must make an active effort to protect their own safety by doing their part to form a strong relationship with their doctor.

Cleveland Clinic compares the relationship people have with their doctor to being on a team. They suggest that people communicate regularly with their health care provider to inform them of concerns and to ask questions about things they do not understand. Because a portion of building this relationship relies on a patient’s effort to be responsible, it is critical that both the doctor and his or her patient are communicating regularly to discuss symptoms, identify a viable treatment option and make adjustments for optimal recovery.

The more comfortable people feel when they are working with their doctor, the more likely they are to receive medical help that they are satisfied with. Their strong relationship will also allow them the confidence to be able to bring up concerns without fear of offending their doctor or experiencing setbacks in their treatment because of miscommunication or disagreement.

Everyday Health provides people with ideas of ways that they can improve their relationship with their doctor including being assertive and sharing their concerns openly and honestly. They can also assist their doctor in making efficient diagnoses by being thorough in disclosing symptoms they are experiencing, as well as prioritizing the problems they are having. Following their doctor’s advice on how to prepare for specific appointments is another way that people can improve their relationship with their doctor.

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