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Aggressive Advocates For Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse Victims

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  • Published: February 18, 2015

When Montana families have to face the tough decision to put a loved one in a nursing home, they want to be sure the facility they choose is a safe environment and that the staff will properly care for their family member. Unfortunately, many families discover that their loved one has been a victim of neglect or abuse in the facility they chose.

Abuse and neglect in nursing homes can take many forms. A resident might be ignored for hours or even days with no one attending to them, leading to bedsores and other injuries. They may not be receiving the food and medical care they need, leading to malnutrition, dehydration or a worsened medical condition. In extreme cases they can be the victims of theft, fraud and even physical violence.

Nursing home neglect and abuse victimize some of our most vulnerable citizens. It often continues because the victim is unable to complain or report the abuse due to mental or physical disability. In many cases the victim is intimidated by staff to the point they are afraid to report what is happening.

The problem of nursing home abuse has several sources. The nursing home may be short-staffed. It can be hard for some facilities to find the employees they need, and they may end up hiring people who are unqualified or have a history of violent behavior. Nursing home employees often do not receive proper training.

The law firm of Edmiston & Colton is committed to fighting for the rights of elderly and vulnerable people in nursing homes. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to fight for compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other losses suffered by family members in nursing homes.

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