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Anesthesia errors you should be aware of

When you are preparing for a procedure at your Montana doctor, you may have been told that you will be put under anesthesia for your overall comfort while your procedure is being completed. While this medical practice can be highly beneficial for you and your ability to be treated with minimal stress or trauma, it is also important that you be aware of errors that can happen when anesthesia is administered. At Edmiston & Colton, we are committed to providing people with information about the dangers of medical malpractice. 

If you have never been given an anesthetic before, it is wise to discuss what will happen with your doctor. Make sure that you understand what will happen to you, as well as how to prepare for anesthesia and what side effects to be aware of. According to Elcam Safety, some of the most common anesthesia errors that could affect you include the following:

  • Errors in your personal documentation that lead to errors in how your anesthesia is administered to you. 
  • The inconsistent flow of the anesthesia when it is being administered to you through an IV. 
  • Accidental administration of anesthetics that contain residual flow from previous IVs that were given to you. 
  • Incorrect dosing amounts. 
  • Poor management of pain levels following your procedure. 

Car crash medical mistakes are unacceptable

Car accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence on the Montana roadways. So much so that it almost beggars belief that doctors would be unfamiliar enough with the potential injuries resulting from an automobile crash that they would make a misdiagnosis or a surgical error that led to a worsened medical condition for an accident sufferer.

In fact, most doctors that handle the emergency intake of accident victims and the ongoing treatment necessary for their recovery are exceptionally well organized and good at their jobs. Sometimes, it is the overburdened hospital system and the complex interrelated web of internal paperwork that results in medical malpractice.

Should I settle my accident case?

Auto accidents may force you to make many decisions you were not prepared to make. Medical care, legal matters and other issues are all complex. Here is some general information to help prepare you for one of the major choices: whether to pursue a personal injury court decision or to settle your claim outside of the Montana court system.

It bears mentioning before examining these two options is that this should be a practical choice in most cases. Although accepting a large initial settlement offer may seem easier and less adversarial than the court system, it could end up with more suffering for you in the long run. The other parties in your accident would probably be working to further their own best interests, not to facilitate you receiving maximum compensation for your injuries.

Electronic healthcare records may cause problems

In this day and age of advanced technology, people can receive healthcare at the touch of a button. In addition to having prescriptions electronically transferred to the pharmacy, patients can see a doctor through their laptop without even receiving a physical checkup. Although all of these electronic services may be convenient for patients, it comes at a price. While healthcare technology was designed to reduce medical errors and minimize mistakes, they come with their own issues. 

Glitches and malfunctions of the electronic healthcare software programs can lead to medical errors that can lead to injuries and even death in some patients. In some cases, patient notes were appearing under the wrong patients, drug orders were not getting transmitted to the pharmacy, lab screening orders were not properly sent to the lab and were tests were conducted, the results were recorded under the wrong patients. Furthermore, medication start and stop dates were not being recorded properly. 

5 biking habits that can protect you on Montana's roads

You love cycling, because it's great exercise and gives you time away from all the digital devices used today. You want to experience nature and even cycle to your favorite coffee shops or downtown areas without incident. Sadly, safety isn't always a priority for other drivers, so there is the potential for serious injuries.

As a cyclist in Montana, there are some things you can do to protect yourself on the roads. Here are five tips to keep you safe anywhere.

Staying positive after a car crash

Every motor vehicle accident is unique, whether the crash results in the loss of life or relatively minor damage to a vehicle. People may struggle with many consequences in the wake of a collision, from those which are financial (medical expenses or taking time off from work) to physical pain and other hardships associated with an injury. However, the emotional toll of these wrecks can be draining, and some people have a very difficult time staying positive. For example, an accident victim may become hopeless, depressed or develop an anxiety disorder due to the collision, which can make their life incredibly difficult. It is very important to do everything you can to remain positive during such a difficult time.

By doing your best to keep a positive attitude, you may experience a number of benefits. Your recovery may be easier, and you might have the ability to put your best foot forward if you decide to take a negligent driver to court. Moreover, you may be able to reduce the impact of the car accident, not only for yourself but for your loved ones also. These are just some of the reasons why it is so important to stay positive after a motor vehicle collision.

Delayed diagnosis compromises man's life, lawsuit illegal

When people are feeling unwell and have decided to go visit their medical provider in Montana, they often expect to walk away with an answer. At the very least, an idea of what could be causing their symptoms. However, there are times when because of misinformation or even negligence, a patient may not receive a correct diagnosis until a later time. Depending on the severity of their health issue and how much time lapses before a correct diagnosis is made, their well-being could hang in the balance of life or death. 

For one active-duty military member, this is exactly what happened and due to a delayed diagnosis, he is now battling Stage IV cancer. The terminally ill man has served several tours as part of the United States Marine Corps and is a Green Beret. When he started recognizing that his health was declining, he visited a doctor who sent him home after a CT scan did not reveal any abnormal activity. Subsequent visits happened the same way until months later, an official diagnosis was made. By this time, the man's cancer had metastasized leaving him deathly ill. 

Prescription medication and delivery truck crashes

Truck accidents have a myriad of causes and every crash is unique. For example, a semi-truck driver may cause a collision due to fatigue after driving for too long, or a delivery truck driver may be responsible for an accident because they do not have very much experience and are not used to operating such a large vehicle. Prescription medication is another risk factor to consider when it comes to delivery truck accidents, and people take prescription drugs for many different reasons. Unfortunately, those whose driving ability is adversely impacted by prescription medication may cause an accident that leaves innocent people injured or claims lives.

Some people are addicted to prescription medication, such as those who abuse prescription pain medication. Others may be prescribed medication for any number of health challenges they are facing, from allergies or a tooth infection and anxiety, insomnia or some other issue. Unfortunately, prescription medication can make drivers become drowsy and intoxicated, which can significantly affect their ability to drive safely. Some delivery truck drivers may not be very familiar with the effects of a particular drug they recently started taking, which could heighten the probability of an accident.

Job concern might increase distracted driving

While Montana residents may not have to deal with the extremely hectic and congested roadways for their daily commute like so many metropolitan areas around the nation, that does not mean its residents are devoid of feeling the pressures of their jobs. For many people, this includes the need to be available to their employers and colleagues at almost any time and in any place - including in their vehicles. The desire to stay on top of work may well be leading some drivers to engage in distracted driving when they would or should otherwise be focused on safely operating their vehicles.

As reported by USA Today, nine people are said to be killed every day across the United States in distracted driving accidents. Over the course of a year, that means the nation loses 3,500 human lives in crashes that are completely preventable. Some of the things drivers do that they should not include texting, taking pictures with their phones, perusing and posting on social media, watching videos and streaming other shows.

Can you educate your teen about the danger of distracted driving?

While you are excited that your teenager gets to start driving and can be more independent, you are also concerned about his or her ability to be responsible when driving the roads of Montana. Because driving requires focus and prompt decision making, distractions of any kind can create dangerous circumstances. Teaching your teenager about the dangers of distracted driving is imperative to his or her ability to learn about the importance of being vigilant and defensive. 

While distractions range from manipulating a GPS device to eating to talking with friends, texting and driving is perhaps the most prevalent and dangerous distraction. If your teenager owns a cellphone, the chances that he or she participates in this type of behavior could be even greater. As a parent, you can have a considerable impact on the decisions that your teen makes by being proactive in educating him or her and encouraging responsible behavior. 

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