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Smelting may be responsible for cancer in some Montana workers

Southwest Montana may have a historical legacy of smelting but, according to researchers, smelt work proved fatal for some Montana workers. Smelting involves the processing of copper ore. However, such work negatively affected the health of many who performed it.

What workers' comp benefits are offered to employees in Montana?

Unexpected incidents occur in all work industries, and injured workers could suffer a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. In addition, workers might be out of work for some time in order to fully recover from the injuries suffered in the work accident. In these matters, workers' compensation could be very beneficial for the injured worker.

Montana construction worker injured while working in a trench

Construction work is an important industry in Montana. However, construction workers, whether they are erecting a building or fixing a road, face dangers every day on the job. In fact, one construction worker in Helena was recently seriously injured in a workplace accident.

The ins and outs of workers' compensation benefits

Being injured at work is a scary thought. Not only is a work accident a serious event, employees in Montana often wonder how badly this event will impact them and whether it will hinder the ability to continue working. An injured worker could endure pain and suffering, even suffering debilitating injuries. This could severely affect a worker's life, causing them to question how their medical bills will be paid and how any lost wages could be recovered.

Are all Montana employees entitled to workers' compensation?

In general, under Montana's Workers' Compensation Act, employers are required to provide employees with workers' compensation benefits if the employee meets the requirements for benefits. However, while any employer can elect to provide employees with workers' compensation benefits there are numerous exceptions under Montana law in which they are not required to do so.

Montana workers' compensation rates may be reduced by 5 percent

Just about anyone in Billings can be injured due to their line of work. Of course, it may seem obvious that people with physical jobs, such as factory workers, construction workers or oil field workers may be exposed to many workplace dangers. However, even those in office jobs can suffer workplace injuries, for example, repetitive stress disorder due to having to spend much of their time typing at a computer.

Protecting workers' compensation rights of oil field workers

The oil industry holds an important place in our economy and way of life. It is also an industry where many Montana residents rely on for employment. While working in an oil field can provide a great source of income, it is also a job that entails many risks and dangers. In addition, because the oil industry is dangerous, many steps are taken on the state and federal level to ensure the safety of workers. Unfortunately, minor safety issues could occur, generating serious health and safety problems.

OSHA protects workers from workplace injuries

In the United States of America, including Montana, employees have the right to work in an environment where all necessary precautions are taken to ensure a worker's safety. This holds true for any line of work, whether you are in a warehouse, out in the field on a construction site or working at an oil field.

Man dies while working on wrecker in Billings workplace accident

Anytime employees are working with heavy equipment there is a risk of injury or death. Tragically, this risk became fatal reality recently for a 64-year-old Billings man who was killed while working at his job at a local vehicle repair business.

How does Montana workers' compensation account for wage loss?

When a Montana worker is a work accident victim, one of the main concerns that will occupy his or her mind after the fact is the medical issue itself and recovering from it. However, there is also the issue of loss of wages from being unable to work. The recovery from injury can be hindered by rushing back to the job before the injury has sufficiently healed. Understanding how workers' compensation benefits can help to cover lost wages is key to taking the time to recover properly.

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