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Collisions With Semi-trailers Are A Serious Problem In Billings

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  • Published: August 30, 2021

Though Billings is highly regarded throughout Montana, there is one negative reality that causes the city to stand out. It is the prevalence of serious motor vehicle accidents in the area.

The junction of two major interstates with heavy commercial traffic compounds this problem. In fact, Yellowstone County leads the entire state with drivers averaging a total of 3.5 million miles daily.

Truck Crashes Are Particularly Dangerous

Any collision is dangerous and costly. However, incidents involving semi-trailer trucks are especially concerning. The massive size and weight of these carriers create additional peril. Thus, it is essential for other drivers to adopt added safety measures around these vehicles.

Here Are Important Tips For Avoiding Accidents With Semis

  • Maintain ample distance. Semis weigh up to 40 tons and require much more distance to stop than a two-ton automobile.
  • Know trucker’s blind spots and avoid them. Large vehicles have limited visibility.
  • Use the left lane to pass. The right-side blind spot for truck drivers is much larger than the left.
  • Do not drive between 18-wheelers. This greatly limits your escape route as well as that of the trucker behind you.
  • Give yourself plenty of stopping room. If you are driving in front of a large rig, expand the cushion between you and the vehicle you are following.
  • Avoid distractions. When driving in proximity to semis, the awareness of their presence is your priority.

Regardless of who might be responsible, an accident involving your vehicle and a large truck might be deadly. The proper course of action is to follow safety guidelines to guard against such an event.

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