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Complications Associated With Cesarean Sections

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  • Published: July 20, 2017

Nowadays, a considerable percentage of mothers who give birth across Montana and the United States deliver their babies via cesarean section, and if you are among them, it is important to understand the unique risks involved. Any major surgery poses risks to you, but babies born via C-section also face risks of their own. At the Law Firm of Edmiston & Colton, we assist clients and their family members who suffer injury during surgical procedures, and we have a firm understanding of just how debilitating surgery-related injuries often are.

Anytime you undergo surgery, per, you run the risk of developing a related infection. Not only do you run the risk of an infection directly within your incision site, but you also risk an infection to another internal organ, such as your bladder. Your incision site may also develop scar tissue or adhesions following your procedure, which can lead to problems during subsequent pregnancies or births and conditions including placental abruption and placenta previa.

Your risk of losing significant amounts of blood during childbirth is also higher when you give birth via a C-section than it is during a traditional, vaginal birth. Between one and six out of every 100 women who have C-sections lose enough blood to warrant a blood transfusion.

While these are some of the risks that you, personally, face during and after a C-section, your baby, too, faces his or her own. Though relatively rare, surgeons and other medical professionals may cut or nick your child during the birthing process. Babies born via this method are more likely to have low APGAR scores and birthweights, and they are also more likely to suffer from breathing or respiratory issues. More information about surgical errors is available on our web page.

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