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Legal And Physical Protection For Cyclists

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  • Published: November 30, 2017

Our current atmosphere in Montana is not entirely friendly to bicycle riders. However, we at the Law Firm of Edmiston & Colton believe in creating a safe and injury-free environment as much as possible, especially with regards to human factors. While we have neither control over nor recourse against the weather, your bicycle ride should never turn into a costly medical bill or severe disability because of the negligent actions or omissions of another party.

If you bike on the way to work, you probably do it as a way to save money or alleviate the stress of commuting. Otherwise, you might ride your bicycle for health, or as a sport. Whatever your motivations or habits are, you probably spend some of your time sharing roadways with motorized traffic. That is why we have laws to protect you from injuries caused by vehicles speeding past you, drivers crowding you or, at worst, physical impact.

Even in light of these legal protections, we always advocate proper bike safety. Please make sure you are wearing the right gear. Consumer Reports lists all the information you need to choose a great bicycle helmet on their buying guide. We recommend getting a helmet with bright colors and applying reflective tape to increase your visibility. Also, make sure to equip any children for whom you are responsible with properly fitted protective gear, regardless of whether or not you are supervising them.

A good helmet might protect you from brain injury: one of the most common types of problems facing bicycle accident victims. However, we believe that motorists have a responsibility to safely share the road with cyclists regardless of how much padding is involved. For more information about this and other traffic injury issues, please continue to read the educational resources on our main site.

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