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Medical Negligence: Is It Connected To Worker Fatigue?

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  • Published: October 23, 2019

In Montana and throughout the United States, many people reside full-time in nursing homes. A majority of residents are elderly, while some have perhaps never fully recovered from car accident injuries or other adverse health situations, thus prompting a need for assisted-living care. Regardless of exact events that lead a person to transition to nursing home residence, every patient currently residing in such facilities deserves high quality care. In short, there is no excuse for medical negligence.

A medical journal reported that a key factor toward substandard care is overworked nurses. Many facilities are apparently short-staffed, thus placing the burden of duty that numerous nurses would typically carry on fewer employees. A 2018 study states that ample evidence shows a 30% to 40% increase in adverse patient outcomes due to understaffed health care environments.

Having to work long hours and trying to carry out an exorbitant amount of tasks after having had little to no sleep would be challenging for any nursing home worker. However, a facility’s staffing problems or a particular nurse’s state of mind or health is not a nursing home resident’s responsibility. Every patient deserves high quality at all times, and it is a good idea for patients or family members to immediately report any incident or issue that is causing concern.

Sadly, medical negligence often results in serious illness or injury to patients; in worst cases, such outcomes are fatal. Many adult children wind up feeling guilty that they are unable to be with their loved ones 24/7, wondering if they might have been able to prevent negligence from occurring if they had. But such incidents should never occur because there are stringent regulations and protocol in place to keep nursing home patients safe. Montana families negatively affected by negligence incidents may want to speak with experienced personal injury attorneys to discuss the possibility of seeking justice in civil court.

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