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Montana Car Accident Leaves 6 Injured

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  • Published: July 17, 2015

Montana car accidents can be a momentary lapse in judgement in an otherwise spotless driving record. It can happen quickly when changing the radio, being distracted by your kids or by driving too fast for road conditions. These accidents are a little easier to justify because there is really no malicious intent on behalf of the driver. The other type of accidents, like drunk driving accidents, are tougher to understand.

However, it seems this may be the case in a recent Montana accident that injured six people and involved four vehicles. The man police believe is believed responsible was driving his Ford pickup north on Davis road, when he allegedly disregarded the blinking red light. The light indicated that he must stop. As a result, he slammed into a Honda Odyssey minivan carrying four passengers. The van spun deeper into the intersection striking another vehicle and causing a chain reaction with other vehicles.

All four passengers in the Odyssey van were treated for minor and serious injuries due to the car accident. According to reports, a preliminary breath test shows the driver of the pickup’s Blood Alcohol Content was 0.12 at the time of the accident. This is well above Montana’s legal limit. A full investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Luckily, no one lost their life due to this tragic car accident. This is truly a miracle, since passengers in the Odyssey were not wearing seat belts, and a child was even ejected from the vehicle. Nonetheless, according to recent reports, their injuries were not life-threatening. A full criminal investigation is underway and will likely spill into a civil lawsuit, filed the family of the accident victims.

Source: KoKomo Tribune, “6 injured in four vehicle accident Sunday night,” Lauren Slagter, July 6, 2015

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