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Social-media Silence Is Golden

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  • Published: August 16, 2019

What you say matters, especially when it comes to legal disputes in Montana. Almost anything that anyone involved in a case says could make a difference in the negotiations or the final outcome. In this day in age, that general rule also extends to social media, texting and other online interactions. That is why, at Edminston and Colton Law Firm, we often advise our clients that, when it comes to talking online about an accident, silence is golden.

As attorneys, we have studied hard in order to be able to choose our words carefully and act in a professional manner. However, we also understand that we are not the ones in pain after an injury, angry and frustrated. Under those circumstances, even the most polite and civil of us could be tempted to say something that they would later regret.

Because it is so difficult to keep a level head, you may want to consider staying off social media entirely. That does not mean that you have to bottle up your emotions. There could be ways for you to express the way you feel in a safe and controlled environment, such as short-term therapy sessions. This approach could even reveal that you were suffering from something more than simple anger, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Regardless of where you decide to share your feelings, please keep in mind that your statements matter. Social media and other, similar forms of communication may seem ephemeral, but the fact is that they could leave a record that eventually influenced the outcome of your case. Our clients trust us to make the statements that get them the compensation they need to recover fully from their injuries. All other discussions are typically best in confidence. Please continue to our main site to read further about this subject and more.

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