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The Cause Of Fatal Car Accidents

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  • Published: May 17, 2017

The law of physics is typically not on the side of accident victims. When the speed of multiple vehicles is factored in, the violence and damage of a collision is often multiplied. This is often the result of a severe and fatal car accidents. This remains true even if one or more vehicles in the collision were traveling safely and following the rules of the road. It only takes one driver and a mere second of negligence or recklessness to cause a tragic car crash.

Understanding the causes of the catastrophic collisions not only helps deter future crashes, but also assists with the investigation and liability determination of fatal accidents. Based on recent statistics, many good drivers, which means the drivers who played no role or fault in the crash, are killed by negligent drivers each year.

Head-on collisions are serious crashes that kill many innocent people each year. Drivers passing at inappropriate times often cause these types of accidents. They are also caused by distracted drivers and fatigued drivers who drift into oncoming traffic. Finally, reckless drivers who are speeding or intoxicated could fail to remain in their lane or enter a road in the wrong direction.

Other serious fatal crashes are caused by drivers failing to observe and follow stop signs and traffic signals. Whether it is due to speeding, intoxication or distractions, these traffic violations could claim the lives of those involved in a collision. It is important to note that recent data indicates that the vast majority of traffic fatalities occur on side roads and byways, with only 14 percent happening on major highways.

No matter where a fatal crash occurs, it is important that the loved ones of the deceased victim understand their rights and options. An investigation could help uncover the cause of the crash. This could assist with a wrongful death claim and the recovery of compensation for related losses and damages.

Source:, “How Good Drivers Get Killed,” Ralph Kinney Bennett, accessed May 14, 2017

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