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The Holiday Season Means More Trucks On The Road

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  • Published: November 10, 2017

The onset of the holiday season means more commercial vehicles are taking to roadways across Montana and the nation to transport goods and deliver packages, but the influx of trucks can also mean enhanced danger for motorists. This time of year, truckers are more likely to face tight schedules and experience fatigue, and when these factors combine with the inclement weather that is common during winter, the results can prove deadly. At the Law Firm of Edmiston & Colton, we understand the unique dangers involved with sharing the road with trucks around the holidays, and we have helped many clients who suffered injury because of another’s negligence.

While you cannot prevent all truck accidents if others choose to drive negligently or not follow the rules of the road and their profession, there are some steps you can take to lower your chances of becoming a statistic. The U.S. Department of Transportation notes that staying out of a commercial truck’s “no zones,” which are the blind spots directly in front, behind and on either side of the truck, is among the most important. As a general rule, look for a truck driver’s eyes when maneuvering around trucks, and if you cannot see them, assume the driver cannot see you, either.

It is also extremely important that you avoid cutting in front of large trucks. Many people do not like traveling behind them because they are slow, tough to see around and so on, but it takes a truck considerably longer to come to a complete stop than it does your standard passenger vehicle.

Many holiday truck accidents also arise because motorists use unsafe methods to try and pass trucks. When you make the decision to pass a semi-truck, get it done and avoid lurking in the trucker’s blind spots any longer than you must. These are just a few of the steps you can take to improve your safety when sharing the road with delivery and other commercial vehicles this holiday season. More about accidents with commercial vehicles is available on our web page.

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