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The Ins And Outs Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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  • Published: April 27, 2017

Being injured at work is a scary thought. Not only is a work accident a serious event, employees in Montana often wonder how badly this event will impact them and whether it will hinder the ability to continue working. An injured worker could endure pain and suffering, even suffering debilitating injuries. This could severely affect a worker’s life, causing them to question how their medical bills will be paid and how any lost wages could be recovered.

One very beneficial resource injured workers have is workers’ compensation. This is insurance available for employees in the event that they get injured on-the-job. While many employees are aware of this benefit, many do not know what they need to do in the event of a work accident and what all benefits are available.

There are a wide variety of workers’ comp benefits that an injured worker could recover. Typically, this includes medical care, rehabilitation, cash benefits and supplemental benefits. With regards to medical care, this includes any diagnosis, treatments, surgeries and medical expenses stemming from the incident. Rehabilitation refers to costs arising from physical therapy and vocational rehab. Lastly, cash and supplemental benefits can cover lost wages related to the work accident.

In order to experience the benefits of workers’ compensation, injured employees must inform their employer and fill out a claim form. This must occur in 30 days or less from the date of the incident. It is not only important to timely report an injury, but also to detail the injury. This can help an employee receive the benefits they need to address the injuries from a work accident.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Workers’ Comp in Plain English: A Breakdown of the Process for Employees,” Marisa Sanfilippo, May 11, 2016

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