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Toxic Exposure Lasts

A Life Altered

If you suspect you’ve been injured by exposure to a dangerous substance, you could be right — and you could be entitled to file a lawsuit. Whether your exposure took place in a workplace accident, at home, as the result of taking a pharmaceutical drug, or the exposure happened through another means, the result could be serious illness that could cause serious disability, financial burden and even death. At Yellowstone Law Firm in Montana, our dedicated toxic tort lawyers are committed to securing the compensation you deserve for exposure to a dangerous substance that was not your fault.

What Kinds Of Substances Are Toxic

Toxic tort claims can be filed as a result of a person’s chemical exposure to and injury by a number of hazardous substances, including:

  • Lead-based paint
  • Asbestos
  • Pesticides
  • Mercury
  • Benzene
  • Dry cleaning solvents
  • Landfill waste
  • Roundup weed killer

Sometimes the effects of an environmental exposure don’t show up for a long time; even years. That doesn’t mean you can’t still file a claim. At our free initial consultation, we can evaluate the facts of your case and provide you with a clear outline of your options.

The important thing to prove in a toxic tort case is that you were exposed to a toxic substance that caused harm.

Let’s Talk About What Happened

We can provide more specific guidance about your case after we know the details of your situation. To schedule your free initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call our Billings office at (406) 213-7770, or reach out using our email form.

Colton Holm

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