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What Is Road Rage?

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  • Published: January 3, 2018

You likely get quite stressed out when stuck in traffic or driving around others on Montana roadways. It is normal to be frustrated, but when that frustration elevates into uncontrollable anger, you could become a victim of road rage. According to WebMD, road rage is aggressive driving and actions that result in dangerous situations on the roadways.

This could be anything from cutting people off to assaulting someone because of something that happened on the road. The basic thing that qualifies something as road rage is a disregard for others. It is a state of being where a person lets his or her emotions take over and causes him or her to do things that are illegal and dangerous.

While road rage is most prominent in young males, it can happen to anyone. Young, old, male or female, everyone can possibly suffer from this condition. It all depends on your personality and ability to control your emotions. However, even if you are generally a very calm and pleasant person, if something happens on the road that scares you or infuriates you enough, you could even find yourself experiencing road rage.

The key to avoiding incidents that lead to someone getting hurt is controlling road rage incidents. You need to be responsible for yourself. If someone does something that irritates you or upsets you, then you have to deal with it so it does not evolve into a serious road rage problem. This information is intended to educate and is not to be taken as legal advice.

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