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What Is The Average Car Crash Settlement In Montana?

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  • Published: August 2, 2019

If you were injured in a car crash in Montana, the amount of money you may be able to reclaim would probably be based on your own situation. Even an experienced auto insurance professional or a personal injury attorney would probably have to look at the details of your case before making any sort of estimate as to how much money you may need to put your life back together.

The final result of your case could be a judge’s decision. It could also be a settlement with an insurance company. Regardless of how you were to get paid, it would probably be wise to look at the whole situation before you accept any offer. Please read on for a few details but what goes into a typical repayment for injuries arising from auto accidents, and why it would be difficult to apply any sort of estimate or average without looking at the details of the case.

There is no set formula that the courts would use, a fact that makes it difficult to predict settlement amounts. As explained on FindLaw, you would probably want to take into account various aspects of any injury, such as:

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Medical bills
  • Your pain and emotional distress
  • Money you lost from being unable to work

Another aspect that could determine how much you receive is the way that Montana determines negligence. In the event that you bore some of the blame for the accident, you may have to prove that the other party was more than 50% accountable.

This is just a brief selection of the considerations you may want to make during a collision injury case. It is by no means complete, so please do not use it as legal advice. It is only meant to form a general background.

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