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Can Helmets Protect Cyclists From Irresponsible Drivers?

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  • Published: August 23, 2020

If you or a loved one has suffered from injuries while riding a bike, you might wonder what steps you can take to prevent it from happening again. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid bike injuries is not to ride a bike. For bikers who wish to continue riding, helmets do provide some protection.

Naturally, helmets do not provide the same protection occupants of a passenger vehicle enjoy. Even so, they help to protect the head. Note that head trauma tends to rank among the most likely injuries to cause death and disability.

Effects Of Wearing Helmets

Business Insider reports that cyclists who wore helmets had a 44% better chance of surviving their injuries. The study cited by the media agency also reported shorter hospital stays, less time spent in intensive care units and less severe injuries among cyclists who wore helmets.

To add to this, data shows that men wear helmets less often than women. Because of this and other reasons, men faced a 36% higher likelihood of dying from neck and head injuries.

Problems Of Encouraging Greater Use

It can prove difficult to remember to wear a helmet before heading out on the roads. Younger people might feel especially resistant to wearing helmets and other protective gear. Researchers believe that most people who do not wear helmets do not know of the protection they offer, so reviewing the information and presenting it to others can prove helpful.

Business Insider estimates that 67 million people log 15 billion hours on their bicycles every year all across America. If you are one of these people, there is little you can do about irresponsible and distracted drivers. However, wearing a helmet and visible clothing may help protect you.

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