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Fog, Smoke And Large Truck Collisions

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  • Published: August 31, 2020

Many people understand how dangerous it is when large truck drivers are intoxicated, fatigued or distracted. However, there are many other factors that result in large truck collisions. Weather plays a role in many traffic crashes and some people do not realize just how many truck accidents happen because of fog, smoke and smog.

Fog and smoke can interfere with a truck driver’s ability to see the road and this is especially dangerous when they are in a rush or struggling with other issues (such as drowsiness due to working for many hours).

Examining Statistics On Fog And Large Truck Wrecks

On their website, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published statistics that shed light on the link between fog and large truck collisions. According to the data, fog, smoke and smog played a role in roughly 1,000 large truck crashes that led to injuries during 2016. Moreover, these factors were also associated with over 50 fatal large truck wrecks in 2016. Sometimes, it is smart for all drivers to avoid getting behind the wheel when visibility is poor as a result of fog and other factors.

Examining Other Weather-related Factors That Cause Truck Crashes

Aside from fog and smoke, there are many other weather-related hazards that lead to large truck wrecks. For example, heavy rain, snow, ice and blowing soil also lead to accidents. Unfortunately, some truck drivers fail to exercise caution when road conditions are poor due to inclement weather. Following a large truck accident, it is imperative for victims to carefully examine every potential factor associated with the collision and review their legal options.

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