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Car Accident Injuries Aren’t Always Immediately Apparent

  • On Behalf Of Colton Holm
  • Published: October 20, 2016

In the immediate aftermath of a serious car accident, Montana emergency responders will check whether anyone is injured. If a person’s injuries are not obvious, they will ask the person if they feel alright. Often the answer is yes. But all too often someone who initially did not think they were injured begins to experience pain, stiffness and other symptoms hours or even days later.

Delayed onset of symptoms is common with soft-tissue injuries. The ligaments and muscles of the neck and back are often strained, sprained or torn in an auto accident. These injuries don’t show up on x-rays. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. Soft tissue injuries can lead to agonizing pain and permanent disability.

Insurance companies like to minimize the seriousness of soft tissue injuries. Sometimes they will even claim the victim has suffered no injury at all. In pursuing compensation after a car accident, it is critical to thoroughly review all the medical records and work with the victim’s doctors to put together a solid presentation for settlement negotiations or trial.

When another driver is at fault in the accident, victims are entitled to compensation for their injuries. Insurance companies have a legal obligation to pay damages up to the limits of their policy when liability is proven.

At the Billings law firm of Edmiston & Colton we have been helping Montana residents recover compensation for car accident injuries since 1987. We know the games insurance companies play and we know how to stand up to them. We are committed to seeking all the compensation our clients deserve, including medical expenses, lost income, disability and pain and suffering.

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